Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To Trademark or Not To Trademark

That is the question. So, I have finished up my logo and am planning on trademarking my series of books and logo. I'm wondering...does anyone have experience with this out there and can they tell me, will it be worth it? or not? I have been to the US patent and trademarking web page and read most of what is there. It is not super expensive, but is maybe an expense I don't need to make upfront. Still I feel like it is something that would be worthwhile. Thoughts?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Fine Afternoon

So finally the weather in southern Texas has been bearable to go outdoors and enjoy without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Today I enjoyed some outdoor time with my daughter and we caught view of and shared some precious moments with this beautiful butterfly. Life moves so fast for us all now and I took simple pleasure for the time we spent to just admire this other being going about its daily routine.

I worry about nature. I worry about our planet. I find it hard to see people not caring about their daily actions. Later in the day when I went to rent a movie I saw someone just leave their soda can by their car door on the ground and get in to leave. Why don't some people take responsibility for their actions? Who must be the parents of this slice of society when they don't seem to care about their actions or the impact to others or the environment? What irks me is that it seems to be quite a few people who just don't seem to care. I certainly don't aspire to be parents for everyone, but I wish I could hold people accountable for things like that. Better yet, I wish to restore that care, that respect, that patience and calm through my writing and reaching out to children and adults reading to children. One of the movies that recently affected me most was WALL-E. I looked at the planet with all that trash on the ground and in orbit around Earth and thought grimly, "This is our fate. And most people don't seem to care."  I wish for my books to bring back to us today what humans and our ancestors have known for a long time but we have forgotten in our race to be the best,  the first, the boss, the richest, the - whatever. That is my goal is to break through to people and to get them to really think about what is right, what is really important, to be the best they can be for each other and for us all. We are a very "connected" society one could say, but I say we are a very disconnected society more than ever before.

So with my extra hour this weekend I hope to get back to my book and finish my logo and potentially submit my series name for trademarking.  What will you do with your extra hour? I hope you find some time to take simple Earthy pleasure in something without littering. :)