Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We are live!

As of yesterday my website for Universal Messages went live! For awhile I could not reach it and come to find out that Godaddy was hacked yesterday too! So I think they took the servers down to clean them up. Nevertheless, my site is alive now! Please go check it out!

I am still awaiting Red Cross to respond to my request to use their logo on my site. I decided not to wait for their response for the book. I guess this is something I should have started like 6 months ago because it feels to me like it will take them that long to respond.

I also have a blog section of the webpage and will most likely be discontinuing this blog and using that one primarily. We will be setting up a following there as well, so please, by all means jump over there to continue to follow our path.

Beatrice and Raymond will be coming out in less than 3 weeks now. Publisher won't give me an exact date, which is a bit frustrating, but I am going with it. And I am still awaiting my press release! I will share all news as I know it and I am super happy to have made it this far and can see the finish line. I'm already researching my next book and am looking for others to contribute ideas as well. See on the Universal Messages webpage where you can send me ideas. Together we can insure that none of these Universal Messages die out. This is only the beginning! :) 

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