Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding My Three Little "P"s

So I have been focusing on this next year and moving forward, and read in Oprah that we all need to work on finding Joy. I thought, "How true is that? Amen, sister." When I sit back and observe how people treat each other publicly, and see how self absorbed everyone is, yet - oh - so in touch with someone on the other end of the cell phone, yet so disconnected to the here and now of what they are actually doing and people with whom they are physically interacting, it deeply sickens me. It sickens me what we are not teaching our children and what we are not personally experiencing. I hope through my stories and my writing to bring the here and now and joy back into our lives and our children's lives as well. After all we are the examples of what they become. If we cannot find JOY, how will they ever have a chance of finding it?

So as I focus on 2011 I came up with three words to focus upon for myself, and really for everyone as sort of mantras to remind ourselves in 2011 what is important and by focusing on these words and practicing them,  may we all find JOY and be good teachers to our future generations on how to find JOY.

PURPOSE – To have purpose behind everything that is done. Not to pursue anything without a purpose, in essence not to waste time on meaningless things.

PRESENCE – To be present at all times, taking in the present experience and not worrying about the past or the future, but just being in the present.

PATIENCE – Exhibiting patience as much as possible, relaxing and taking in the moment, not worrying about being late or getting uptight that things are not happening on my timeline the way I envisioned them or wanted them. To be comfortable that the universe may have a different clock than I do.

So as we all move into 2011, let us focus on purpose, presence, and patience and hopefully find a very JOYOUS year ahead!


  1. This is kind of timely for me! I'll be in the middle of something and realize I'm not enjoying the here and now, and it's kind of jarring when I recognize it. I daydream a lot about the future... what I need to do, where I want to be, obligations I have, etc. Lately I've had to learn to be more adaptable and slow my pace a little.

    I think it's all the stimulation we have these days... we don't know how NOT to multi-task. I know when I'm only doing one thing at a time I feel lazy, but it shouldn't be that way... Our lives are just too hectic and we've gotten used to them being that way... we're too impatient.

    Can't wait to read your book(s), they sound wonderful.

  2. Kimberlee, you must have some Buddhist influence in your life! I like your P's and relate to slowing down. Sometimes I feel like Goddess Sarawati, each hand doing something creative, but different.