Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Painting on Dark Days...

Today was a typical cold, dark January day in Illinois. Sounds like a great day for being inside, painting, but at this stage a brighter day is preferable. My lighting is designed for artists and mimics daylight, but when working with blues and blue greens it gets tricky because even though I have made myself a color coded chart and endeavor to compensate, contrast and intensity will always be a bit off. After today's work, the foliage may be too saturated and busy. I'm unhappy with the paper as it continues to shed filaments in abundance. The photos here were taken early afternoon, by sliding glass doors.

While waiting for one section to dry I was experimenting with a discarded version and happened upon an idea for the book, which Ill work on tonight ( a pencil drawing, not painting). Meanwhile I took photos of the Beatrice painting as she is now, and the first version. The top image is what Ive been working on, with abundant foliage and wing details being filled in.

In the nest blog entry Ill compare her with the discarded painting and discuss why it has revived my interest~


  1. to my untrained eye, it's still gorgeous! I spoke with two self publishing firms today! Exciting day! I will blog about it. Right now my head is spinning with information.

  2. I think it is gorgeous and would love to have my little ones look at it as I read to them

  3. You are gifted indeed. I think the issue with the foliage and butterfly are they are the same intensity. When that bothers me I take a pic and make it black and white via Picassa to check my grey scale. You probably have a far more sophisticated method and I'd love to hear it :)